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Eligibility for Hire


Eligibility for appointment to sworn positions in the Russellville Police Department is governed by Ark. Code Ann. § 14-51-301, as that statute may be amended from time to time. All necessary prerequisites to being considered for such positions shall be included in job postings distributed by the HR Department. In addition to the minimum qualifications stated below, applicants must comply with any deadlines for submitting all necessary information in order to be eligible to compete in the hiring process. Deadlines for submitting such necessary information shall be set by the HR Department. Selection of the Police Chief is not governed by these Rules and Regulations.



To be considered for employment as a police officer with the Russellville Police Department, applicants must meet the following minimum qualifications, most of which are promulgated by the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards ("ACLES"). In the event of additions or modifications adopted by the ACLES, such changes shall be followed, and will be included in this section without need of a public hearing: 

  • Applicant must turn twenty-one (21) years of age within six (6) months of the test date;
  • High school graduate or possess GED;
  • No felony convictions or misdemeanor domestic abuse convictions;
  • Be of good character as determined by a thorough background investigation;
  • Have acceptable vision (uncorrected visual acuity must not exceed 20/100 in either eye, correctable to 20/20 or better in each eye);
  • Possess normal hearing and be free of any hearing defect which, in the opinion of the physician administering the required post-offer physical examination, could adversely affect the performance of duty; and
  • Citizen of the United States at the time of hire;
  • Have a valid state Driver's License;
  • Successfully complete a physical agility test, psychological examination, and post-offer physical examination, including a post-offer of employment drug test. 

Hiring Process

1.  Physical Agility Test

This test is the first of several tests required during the application process. Applicants must first successfully pass this test to continue the application process. The Physical Ability Test will be held at the Russellville Police Training Facility (1731 Airport Road, Russellville, AR). The test is conducted outdoors and will not be canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather, lightning excluded. Photo identification is mandatory to participate in the test. 

All applicants will be given an orientation and walk-through. No one will be allowed to take the test unless they fully understand what is expected of them. 

  1. To begin the test, the candidate will sit in the driver's seat of a patrol car with the doors closed and await further instructions.
  2. A test monitor will give the candidate verbal instructions to pursue a fleeing felony suspect (fictitious) by describing what the suspect is wearing (for example, a baseball hat, and a red T-shirt). The test monitor will tell the candidate to "GO". The applicant must then complete the following physical task.
  3. The candidate must get out of the car and run a distance of about 30 yards. Timing begins when the candidate opens the car door.
  4. At some point approximately mid-way through the course, the candidate will encounter and climb over an approximately 6-foot chain-link fence.
  5. On the other side of the fence, the candidate will crawl under two standard-sized office tables or an obstacle of the same length and width.
  6. After crawling under the tables, the applicant must run to and climb through an approximately 30-inch by 30-inch opening with the bottom of the opening located approximately 50 inches from the ground.
  7. After climbing through the opening, the applicant must identify the proper suspect from four targets each numbered and dressed differently.
  8. After exiting the building, the applicant will find a dummy, and must drag the dummy five (5) feet, until the legs cross the finish line. Once this is accomplished is when the time will stop. The candidate who can complete the entire series of events successfully, in proper sequence, within sixty-three (63) seconds passes the test.

2.  Written Examination

Those candidates who successfully passed the Physical Agility Test continue the hiring process by completing the Civil Service Written Examination. Photo identification is also required to participate in this process (no exceptions). Directly following the conclusion of the Physical Agility Test, The Civil Service Written Examination will be administered at the Russellville Police Department at 115 West H Street. Applicants must score a minimum of 70% to pass the exam. All applicants will be contacted by phone (usually within three days) and informed if they passed or failed the written examination. Do not call the Police Department to obtain your score, you will be notified. A study guide and practice test are available to purchase here.

3. Civil Service Oral Interview

Applicants who pass the Civil Service Written Examination will continue the application process and participate in the Civil Service Oral Interview. Applicants will receive a phone call and be given a specific time and date to be interviewed. Each applicant will be graded on their interview, which will be combined with the written exam grade for a final grade.

Applicants will be placed on the eligibility list and ranked by scores. The list becomes the official eligibility list and is valid for one year. The eligibility list will be posted on the City of Russellville Police Website and posted in the lobby of the Russellville Police Department.

4. Background Investigation

The next step for the applicants will be to undergo a complete background investigation including a Truth Verification test. Candidates receive a background packet which must be completed within a specified time. Failure to complete any part of the background packet will terminate the application process. Applicants who pass the background will be contacted by the Chief of Police for a final interview. When a Police Officer position becomes available, applicants will be notified in the order of ranking to continue with the application process. Applicants not passing the background investigation will be notified. Candidates receiving conditional offers of employment will undergo a physical and psychological exam, visual acuity test, hearing exam, and drug screen.