Business Permit (Licensing)

Business Permits (Licensing)

Every person or company conducting business within the city limits of Russellville must first obtain a business permit in accordance with Russellville City Ordinance No. 1811. This includes but is not limited to retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, service providers, professionals, independent contractors, home businesses and commercial and residential property landlords. 

What Information Do I Need To Apply?

Business Name (DBA) and Address (Physical, Mailing)
Phone Number
Email address
Number of Employees
Tax Identification Number (FEIN, SSN, and/or TIN)
State Seller's Permit Number (If applicable)
Description of Business

What Are The Fees?

0-3 employees$25.00
4-10 employees $50.00
11-25 employees$100.00
26-99 employees$200.00
100 or more employees$400.00

Any trade, business, vocation, or occupation of whatever kind or nature within the corporate limits of the City that engages in the business of selling or serving alcohol for retail sales shall pay based on the table above plus an additional $500.00 for its permit fee. This business operation fee is separate from and in addition to the annual Private Club Permit fee of $750.00.


Once a license is issued it cannot be transferred, except from one location to another location.

How Do I Apply/Renew?

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Business Permits
220 North Knoxville Ave
Russellville, AR 72801

Business Permit (License) Application


New permits require a fire and building inspection prior to license issuance.                


Permits are issued each calendar year and shall be renewed no later than January 31st. Any business permit not received prior to January 31 shall be delinquent and ten percent (10%) of the unpaid fee shall be added as a penalty for nonpayment. If the business permit fee is not paid within sixty (60) days after such becomes due, it shall be delinquent and a penalty of thirty percent (30%) shall be added to the business permit fee.

The Business Permit (License) does not indicate clearance or approval for zoning, fire code, occupancy, or any other City, County, State or Federal permit or license which may be required. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that it is in compliance with all legal requirements.

For further information on business permits or licensing please refer to Ordinance 1811.