Officer of the Year

This award is given to an officer who has distinguished his or herself through either an accumulation of exceptional contributions or a single incident, and whose actions clearly place the individual above others of equal rank or grade.  During Officer Kaylynn Watkins tenure with the department, she has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and dedication to her profession in her daily work routine.  Her peers made statements that Kaylynn has a great attitude toward her co-workers and the profession of law enforcement. Kaylynn's fellow officers have stated that Kaylynn will offer to take calls before her shift starts so others could go home on time.  Kaylynn has shown her work ethic by continuously following up on her calls which has led to quick resolutions.  These traits have been noticed, not only by her peers, but by the command staff as well.

Watkins Kaylynn officer of the year 2021

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