Planning & Zoning

About the Division

The Division of Planning and Zoning prepares and maintains the general, strategic, community-specific and redevelopment plans for the City of Russellville. This division is also responsible for performing advanced and current planning functions such as:
  • Environmental assessments
  • Rezoning
  • Site planning
  • Special Use Permits
Functions of the division include consideration of proposed use and associated aesthetic qualities of a development project as well as consistency with zoning regulations, to determine the impact on the community.

Planning and Zoning coordinates efforts between the City Council and citizen advisory and plan implementation committees, such as the Planning Commission and the Board of Adjustment, to provide technical expertise and research. The division also reviews and approves sign and business license applications based on Zoning Code requirements.

Zoning Code Update

The current Zoning Code was adopted in 2007 to address the city that Russellville had developed into. In the fifteen years since then, Russellville has continued to develop. The City no longer faces the same challenges as those when the current code was written. Because of this the city began a comprehensive update to the Zoning Code in September of 2021.

The updated Zoning Code is being developed in coordination between the City of Russellville Planning and Development Department and engineering consultant Garver of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Click on the links below to view sections of the code that have already been updated.
(Note: These updates have not been adopted by the City Council, and do not replace the current Zoning Code.)