City Attorney

Welcome to the Office of the City Attorney



It is the mission of the City Attorney's Office to provide sound legal advice to the Mayor, City Aldermen, City Departments, Commissions, Boards, and Committees. It is also our mission to initiate and defend legal actions on behalf of the City, which may include City employment and personnel matters, condemnations; property issues, zoning issues, contract and lease disputes, and other causes of action in both State and Federal Courts.

Additionally, it is the mission of this office to prosecute in the criminal divisions of District and Circuit Courts misdemeanor offenses, traffic law and ordinance violations which occur within the city limits in a thorough, efficacious, and equitable manner and to assist the authorized and assigned departments in the enforcement of laws and the protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the City Russellville.

To accomplish this mission we hereby resolve that:

We will promote integrity in all facets of work and professional conduct.

We will serve our community with competent professional legal representation.

We will treat all persons with a professional, respectful and compassionate manner.

We will hold ourselves accountable, both individually and collectively, for ensuring the policies of the office and the needs of the community are served.

We will be open and forthright in our communications with all parties involved in any city legal related issues.

We will work in a collaborative manner with law enforcement, all members of the criminal justice system and the community we serve in order to address the needs of the community, and promote the highest possible level of quality of life and public safety for our City and our citizens.

We will show compassion and understanding to victims of crime and ensure that they are treated with dignity and respect.

We will put the needs and best interests of the community before the personal or political interests of any individual or individuals.