Department in Action

West Main Place Drainage Project

Project Scope:

Improvements include installing approximately 500 ft. of new storm sewer with additional inlets as necessary to capture the flow in the streets.  A sidewalk will be added along the north side of West Main Place for two reasons; to provide a barrier to keep the runoff in the roadway and out of the drive thru and secondly; connect the sidewalk on South Inglewood to W Main Street.  West Main Place will be overlaid after the proposed work is complete. 

***The Project began Monday, March 21, 2022.  The project is expected to be substantially finished within 120 calendar days.***

West Main Place Drainage Project Location

Davis Drive Project


The existing 12 ft. wide by 6 ft. tall by 46 ft. long Reinforced Box Culvert in the city right of way of East Parkway Drive at the intersection of Davis Drive is beginning to fail. The walls have cracked and are bulging and leaning creating unstable conditions. The adjacent slabs have subsequently sunk due to the deteriorating conditions. These conditions appear to be due to the lack of drainage through the walls, in which the groundwater has added undue pressure causing this failure of the structure.


Improvements include the removal and replacement of the existing reinforced box culvert to current design standards. The profile for the driveway will also be adjusted for a smoother transition across the culvert.