Fire Code

About the Fire Code
The City of Russellville has adopted and enforces Arkansas’ statewide fire prevention code. The code is comprised of 3 volumes:
  • Volume I: Fire Prevention Code
  • Volume II: Building Code
  • Volume III: Residential Building Code
Russellville Fire Department logo
The 3-volume Arkansas Fire Prevention Code (AFPC) code references the model codes of the International Code Council (ICC), an organization that develops model construction and associated safety codes. The Code includes addendums to the model code that is specific to the state of Arkansas. The AFPC is subject to revisions by the state with updates generally occurring every 3-6 years and is enforceable by local fire and building officials within their jurisdictions under the Arkansas Fire Prevention Act.   

The department’s Fire Prevention Office, in concert with the building official and other Code Enforcement officials, administer the AFPC for all new and existing building construction and renovation, land developments, and other projects requiring compliance with fire and life safety codes. The Building Official’s Office administers building permits, certificates of occupancy, and similar issuances. Citizens who plan to undergo new construction or add onto and/or renovate existing homes and other structures should contact the building official’s office for guidance and requirements.